Our New Commercial

Bluestar announces the movie Playback starring Christian Slater only movie shown on all flights!

Blue Star Airlines annouces Non-Stop Service from Dallas to Fort Worth

Movies for your Viewing Pleasure

Airport (1970)

Airport 1975

Airport '77

Wall Street (1987)


Immediate Release:

BlueStar announces film distribution deal.


Recent stock fluctuation and the rumor surrounding the airline are mere speculation We have no further comment.



Announces new Non-Stop Service from Mogadishu to Tripoli  via Cairo "at some point".

Blue Star Airlines remains one of the strongest imaginary airlines in the industry. Because we don't actually exist, we have been able to avoid the high fuel costs real airlines incur.

We believe this may be our greatest strength; Not Really Existing!

Blue Star Airlines awarded Greenest Airline! Award committee cites lack of planes in awarding prize!

Why Blue Star Airlines?

  • The Newest Fleet in the Industry
  • 100% On-Time Departures and Arrivals
  • Free Food and Drinks on Every Flight
  • No Lost Luggage
  • No Children under 18 on Every Flight
  • First Airline to Offer Non-Stop Service from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale
  • Premium Prices for No Service

Blue Star Airlines - the first choice in air travel...when you're not going anywhere.